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The aim is to create a modern rural residence center, close to Athens and the services of a big city, mainly appealing to Greek but also foreign buyers. The center shall be supported by a hotel, a marina and a small commercial center not only for the tourists’ needs but also for the residents of the surrounding area. The highlight of the landscape shall be emphasized, as well as the exploitation of the high inclinations, in order for all residences to have the appropriate orientation to the magnificent view of the Skorponeri Gulf. The quality of the construction shall be of a high standards and the design will satisfy the needs of the most demanding client.

The architecture shall draw elements from the traditional Greek buildings and shall accord completely with the environment and the buyer’s expectations.
The potential of giving the residences with a consideration shall be offered to the owners of the residences, during periods when they shall not use those for themselves. This way, the constant maintenance of the buildings and areas shall be assured, while the liability for the administration shall burden the company which shall be formed from the investment entity for that reason.
The establishments, apart from the residences, are expected to be sold, after their operation and lease, with an attribution of at least 7%.



Resort Homes Complex in the Skroponeri region of Evoia Prefecture in Greece
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